Mens Leather work Bags

May 16, 2021
Canvas shoulder bag men

NEW YORK ( MainStreet) - Traveling to the office without a bag is next to impossible for most men. A much-needed arsenal of expensive laptops, smartphones, chargers, headphones and tools are required to get through a busy day. Whether in a cubicle or in the field, work bags are becoming a mandatory accessory.
According to both MarketWatch and research firm The NPD Group, all of this has resulted in a significant jump in sales of men's bags. In 2014 alone, men's bags sales rose 35%.

"Last year's double-digit unit and dollar sales increases clearly make the men's segment the one to watch in 2015, " the NPD report reveals. "Men are purchasing more bags than ever before, and wearing bags of all types."

For those who dare to be bold and don the man bag, we have you covered. Or if you're just looking for simple and functional (or maybe something in between), take a look below at our picks of the 10 best bags for men to carry to work.

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