Small Leather Camera Bag

February 9, 2023
ChloJodie Small Leather

While specific bags are a matter of taste, you don't have to sacrifice style for solid protection of your camera gear. If you are looking for a fashionable camera bag as a gift for yourself or your favorite photographer, here are some camera bags that allow for practical protection of expensive gear and don't detract from your expression of personality.


The Billingham Hadley Small Shoulder Bag, available in four colors, can be used as a well-equipped camera bag or as a regular day bag when you remove the photo insert. The exterior is waterproof canvas, and the interior’s padded photo insert of closed-cell foam keeps your equipment safe. The photo insert has Superflex partition dividers that you can adjust to accommodate two camera bodies and one lens or one camera body and two lenses. Two front pockets can extend as needed with buckle adjustments. The Quick Release System consists of a teardrop-shaped hole on each front buckle strap that slips over a brass stud for very easy access to the interior, and the shoulder strap is adjustable. Slightly larger than the small is the Billingham Hadley Pro Shoulder Bag, with the same qualities as the small shoulder bag, but also with a weatherproof zippered back pocket that will accommodate documents or a small tablet or laptop.

The Billingham 555 Shoulder Bag, available in four colors, has an exterior of waterproof canvas with leather trim. A TukTop allows the top unzipped panel to tuck behind inside pockets, keeping the panel out of your way for easy access while in use, but protecting your gear. The front of the bag has a Quick Release System with leather straps and studs. An adjustable Delta shoulder sling strap is attached and comes with an SP20 shoulder pad. Two carry handles also provide a hand-carrying option. Superflex dividers are included for the interior, which can hold three DSLR camera bodies, three lenses, and accessories. There are four full-depth pockets on the interior, while the front of the bag sports two large pockets inside a larger zippered pocket along with two pen pockets for photographers who prefer making notes in longhand. On the back is a full-width zippered pocket. A tripod or backpack harness can be attached.

Grafea England

The Grafea England Leather Camera Bag, available in two colors, has vintage flair with an exterior of full-grain, 2.5-millimeter leather. A strong top handle provides easy transport, and an adjustable shoulder strap with a wide shoulder pad supports a comfortable messenger-style carry. On the front of this classic bag is a wide buckle closure, which holds the cover flap securely to the body. In the main compartment is a removable, fitted, padded nylon insert, trisected by two dividers, which can be configured to accommodate your DSLR system with a lens and a flash. Without the insert, the entire main compartment is open for ample storage space. A large front pocket provides easy access to personal items or additional camera accessories. On the back of the bag are two pockets—one envelope and one zippered. There are two more buckled pockets, one on each side of the bag, for personal items such as your cell phone, wallet, keys, or extra batteries.

If you need a bit more space, consider the large Grafea England Leather Camera Photo Bag, which also comes in two colors. The large bag is crafted of durable and beautiful full-grain, 2.5-millimeter leather. The buckle closure on the front appears to be the same as the one on the regular-size bag, as do the top carry handle and the adjustable shoulder strap with shoulder pad. The large size also has ample pockets for storage, with the pocket on the front of the main compartment, the two pockets on the back (one zippered and one envelope pocket), and then the one buckled pocket on each side. The larger bag offers a more spacious main compartment than the regular size. A removable, zippered nylon insert with two configurable dividers can hold your DSLR system with two lenses and a flash. Remove the insert and you have a large storage space for anything.


A durable yet comfortable camera bag is a necessity for photographers like the renowned Ari Marcopoulos. The Incase Designs Corp Ari Marcopoulos Bag was created to meet the photographer's standards. The result is a bag that is weather resistant, comfortable for long wear, has a low profile, offers excellent protection and features that allow quick access to gear. The bag is made of heavy-duty canvas with a reversible, ergonomic, padded cross-body shoulder strap. In the adjustable, padded camera compartment with a zippered closure, the bag can fit a DSLR with an attached lens and 1-2 additional lenses. There are two pockets with faux-fur interior—one gives you quick access to a point-and-shoot camera and the other is a slip pocket for a tablet. Inside, there are also pockets for documents, a zippered pocket and two side stash pockets. Custom Ari Marcopoulos branding elements, exterior cargo straps, a padded haul handle, and a removable rain cover are additional features.

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