Leather Weekender Bags for Men

February 10, 2021
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If you’re American, before you know it you’ll be heading out to visit your hometown, where your family and a 16-pound stuffed turkey are eagerly awaiting your arrival. With Thanksgiving right around the corner (and other holidays not far away), you’re going to need a bag with one nice holiday outfit, a suitable amount of underwear, and many pairs of sweatpants. And a toothbrush.

Packing light is a skill, and if you have it, feel free to add that to your résumé. (Swap out the “Proficiency in Microsoft Office, ” please) Since most of us don’t, I’ve gathered 27 bags that will fit everything you need for a quick holiday trip.


Oh, you can afford something that tells everyone on the shuttle to Boston that you’d rather be flying private to Dubai? Good for you.


To pack light, you need to start light. Select one of these nylon or canvas lightweight bags for making travel easier.


Yes, these bags can be relegated to your typical trek to the gym, but they’re so much more than that. Repurpose them and pack your get-ups for weekend travels.


These might look like duffel bags, but they’re actually bags on wheels. Remember those backpacks on wheels you had when you were in third grade? Yup, these are the adult version.


The bag for the modern man and frequent flyer. A duffel bag that converts into a garment bag, or vice versa, which hits all three important elements: versatility, convenience, and style.

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