Leather Side Bags for Men

September 30, 2016
Absolute Leather Tote For

At the Montblanc Pelletteria in Florence the maison’s highly skilled artisans craft handsome leather goods of cultivated elegance. They nurture centuries-old traditions founded in the impeccable workmanship of the city’s craftspeople of the Renaissance era. With superb artistry and a drive to create the extraordinary, highest-quality leather is carefully selected and painstakingly shaped by experienced hands for the bags, wallets and other accessories of the Montblanc leather collections.

Selecting very best leather

Creating items of such captivating workmanship begins with identifying the perfect piece of leather. Only the most immaculate specimens are chosen by master craftspeople to become part of the Montblanc story. With meticulous care and commitment they assess finest hides for grain, colour and softness to later be moulded into luxurious companions for everyday life. With hands seasoned through tradition and experience, Montblanc’s craftspeople subtly read the tale the leather tells. Be it for a bag or a wallet, combining traditional tools and methods with state-of-the-art technology, the Montblanc artisans bring extraordinary inner beauty to the surface.

Unique leather collections

The story each of these pieces tells is one of tradition and finely honed craft. All the articles in the Montblanc leather collections represent a union of finest materials and consummate workmanship. From leather business bags, business card holders and pen pouches to city bags and other fine accessories, these items of refined elegance accompany their bearer with style and sophistication.

Source: www.montblanc.com
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