Nike Leather Duffle Bags

July 21, 2019
Polo duffel bag
In 1987, a Beatles song was used in a television ad for the first time. The song was "Revolution, " and the product was the Nike Air Max shoe, which appeared inside the first ever Nike bag. Today, you can find a bag with a Nike swoosh on it almost anywhere, be it a casual tote bag or an outdoorsman's backpack. One of the first things the Nike brain trust did when it launched its collection of accessories was stitch the Air Jordan logo, from its iconic basketball shoes, onto the Nike school bag. The backpack was crafted to be lightweight and water-resistant like all Nike bags. Another feature was ventilation, which was adapted from the original Nike gym bag to the full line of carriers, and it comes in handy when lugging around shoes. Anywhere you need to transport clothes or gear, whether to the gym or the office or the airport, reliable eBay sellers have new or used Nike bags to fit your lifestyle.

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