Handmade Leather Bags USA

November 27, 2019
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J.W. Hulme Co. has been in St. Paul, Minnesota for more than 100 years. J.W. Hulme's craftspeople have been making distinctive luxury leather and canvas products since 1905. Their skill, commitment to time-honored techniques and absolute passion for perfection in every detail have made the J.W. Hulme name synonymous with products of the highest quality. The proof is in the look and feel of our bags, and the fact that they are backed with a lifetime guarantee. J.W. Hulme Co. has never considered going offshore with its production; Made in America is at the heart of our philosophy. Our distinctive handmade bags speak to a time when rugged American individualism was prized and most people personally knew a true artisan. From the materials we choose to the elegant hardware we use, the J.W. Hulme Co. pledge is to produce exceptional luggage, business bags, handbags and accessories for discerning customers.

Source: www.jwhulmeco.com
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