Leather Satchel Bags for School

July 20, 2017
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Traveling to class or taking a business trip means being prepared, and a messenger bag not only provides adequate storage, but it's a versatile travel option. They come in various sizes and styles, offering a plethora of options for everyone.

Whether you're looking for a replacement bag or simply covet the functionality of this bag, let Staples help you find the one that fits your needs.

Varying Messenger Bag Sizes for Varying Needs
Shoppers looking to add a messenger bag to their collection should consider size first. Smaller bags come in handy when traveling as a carry-on, but they also make good everyday solutions for transporting smaller laptops or devices. Larger sizes benefit business executives who need to take their files and laptop to client offices.

Some models, which are different than backpacks, feature expanding sides to accommodate more storage when needed, while others defy the traditional design with a shoulder strap in favor of a sling design that's easier to carry. These bags come in horizontal and vertical configurations to suit personal tastes.

Multiple Materials for School, Office and More
Messenger-style bags come in a variety of materials. Students in high school and college often choose canvas or durable nylon bags that stand up to regularly carrying heavy books.

Leather models add a professional touch and often replace briefcases, as they offer a bit more versatility in terms of size and function. Eco-conscious shoppers will find that Staples carries burlap bags to lessen the impact on the environment and promote sustainability.

Those who live in a rainy area that experiences a lot of exposure to the elements can benefit from TPU material that offers water resistance to protect the contents within. In addition to solid colors, laptop messenger bags also come in fun patterns such as polka dots and stripes to add personality.

Interior and Exterior Pockets to Keep Organized
Whether for business, school or personal use, organization is a primary function of this type of bag. Multiple pockets help store and separate accessories and devices while keeping them within reach. The interior usually has a tech pocket with special padding to store laptops and tablets, a handy feature for college students and professionals alike. Mesh pockets make it easy to store small devices such as a smartphone.

Internal organizers come in handy for pens, pencils and writing supplies as well as other small accessories like calculators. Some include specialty pouches to carry glasses, and most offer significant space for carrying files and other important documents. External pockets keep items like business cards and flash drives within easy reach.

Different Types of Straps for Increased Portability
Designed with portability in mind, messenger bags come with a variety of straps that promote comfort and even distribution of weight. Cross-body straps help alleviate strain on the neck, shoulders and back, while padded straps improve overall comfort.

Shoulder straps are often removable. Adjustable straps make it easy to find just the right fit for overall comfort, whether the trip requires walking several city blocks or from the parking lot to class.

Source: www.staples.com
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