Brown Leather Satchel Bags

August 27, 2017
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I bought the black Anais Gvani Croco Embossed Mini Satchel Bag. I thought I was ordering a bag that would be big enough to use as a purse and enough space to be like a mini modern briefcase at the same time - dual use if you will. . I was wrong - it's too little for both uses - but will be fine as a nice quality handbag. The product came wrapped like it was the hope diamond - the zipper tags were wrapped, the handles were wrapped, the straps on the front wrapped, the insides packed with pounds of filler, etc. So, from a stand point of making sure the product was well padded and protected for shipping and transit damage - 5 stars. The color was a little odd - I bought the black, but the color almost seems like a mixture of a black/charcoal and dark brown color - all tones in one. It's pretty, but a little off. The brass hardware looks nice against the dark skin of the purse. You have options of carrying the purse in hand or via the attachable/detachable shoulder strap. Lots of room inside the silky divider pockets. It is a sturdy purse with lots of definition to the pattern outside and inside. The inside has plenty of pockets and dividers for storing wallets, pens, pads of paper, small phones, make-up bags, etc. I think it will go well at work, at special events and outings. It's more than a casual purse - a more sophisticated version I would say. I would not use it around town for partying at the bars or a night out with the girls where casual is the name of the game. Although it does not meet my needs fully and it cost more than I usually spend on a so-so name brand purse, this one has enough quality, interest and character to be kept. So, I was pleased but not overwhelmed. Good not great. But, still a good pick.

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