Leather Messenger Bags for iPad

November 1, 2022
Designated iPad pocket inside

img-1709-copy-.jpgThe Classic Every Day Bag...

A classic style that will always have a place in the wardrobe of people from all walks of life. The professional, the mom, the writer, the student and just about anyone can find a place for a messenger bag in their lives. Living a life of convenience just requires tag along items that can’t always be carried by stuffing things in our pockets, and that is where the sophisticated and rugged style of messenger bags comes into play. If you are going to invest in something to make life easier, you might as well get something that will last a lifetime, like the 100 year guaranteed Copper River Bags Classic Messenger Bag.

The inside of our Messenger Bags provide plenty of room for all of your need, and it can hold up at 15” laptop with added files, books and documents. In addition, there are inside and outside pockets for you stash small items to keep your bag nice and organized. Ultimately storage is what a bag is for, so we wanted to make sure that our costumers got plenty of it from their messenger bags.

Where the magic happens with Copper River Bags is on the exterior where the 100% full grain leather shows it beauty. Full grain leather is the toughest part of a hide, but it also ages gracefully into an even more beautiful material. To complement the high standard of leather, we also made all the other materials of the bag top notch including the marine grade thread and solid brass hardware. When you buy a bag from us you can rest assured that your bag will remain strong, attractive and stylish throughout the years.

Need to buy leather messenger bags? Can’t find one that suits your distinct style? At Copper River Bag Co, we know exactly what’s in and what’s not. Check out our luxury leather messenger bags.

Source: www.copperriverbags.com
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