Leather Laptop Tote Bags

July 1, 2019
Best quality Brand NUBUCK

Choose the perfect totes and handbags to meet your daily needs and be ready for anything. Whether you use a backpacks to travel regularly, need your laptop everywhere you go or want to be hands free on the town, you'll find the bag you need. Keep your style intact without sacrificing practicality.

Laptop Totes
Choose a laptop bag with comfortable straps that stay put, then organize all your necessary belongings with ease. These bags pack for maximum efficiency with loops for pens, slots for business cards, sections for file folders, pockets for smartphones and sunglasses, and padded pockets and sleeves to protect your laptop or e-reader when you're on the go. Make a fashion statement that sends a professional message when you choose a tote made of leather, tough microfiber, metallic faux leather, or a bright color to let you stand out from the crowd.

Totes and Shoulder Bags
Smaller totes feature double handles to let you sling or carry your bag as you prefer, while shoulder bags give you the lightweight convenience of a hands-free conventional handbag. Choose a tote with a zip-off pocket designed for carrying your passport and other important travel documents or one with a removable accessory purse that lets you lock your office behind you and travel light. When your job has you flying cross-country, make the trip simpler by picking up a handy piece of luggage such as a hard-shelled carry-on or a rolling briefcase.

Clutches and Wristlets
Tuck a clever wristlet in your tote bag or handbag, knowing that the magnetic clasp will keep your valuables safe. Choose a clutch with a detachable shoulder strap for those times when you have to hail a cab or run through the rain. For shopping trips, choose an eco-shopping bag that folds down to a wallet size, and you'll be ready for any surprise find.

Source: www.staples.com
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