Patent Leather Clutch Bags

February 11, 2018
File ID - #175710

Design & Function - There was a time when form and function were inseparable. Today, these qualities rarely co-exist in manufactured products. The Occidental Leather tool belts are a notable exception. Combining 19th century craftsmanship with 21st century manufacturing techniques has resulted in exceptionally high quality tool holders and bags noted for their durability and efficient design.

Supplies - Few people know that Occidental insists on manufacturing their products from materials custom made in the continental United States. Their stringent specifications are evident in the extra thick leathers and quality industrial fabrics.

Each product is the result of Occidental Leather uncompromising commitment to quality and design excellence. Proving itself a wise investment for many years to come. Once you discover the Occidental Difference, you'll know they design and manufacture the hardest-working tool systems and accessories in the world.

Newest products from Occidental Leather!!!

An industrial work of art. Handcrafted leather handle molds to your grip. This eight by fourteen inch tool carrier features 3 compartments with 45 pockets and tool holders. Innovative upright storage for quick access. [more info on the Occidental 5588 Master Carpenters Tote]

A complete, all leather belt set for the commercial electrician. Efficient, hand specific tool and fastener organization, function engineered. The leather NoSpill tool holders form to your tools and give years of durable serice. For the journeyman that requires the highest quality available [more info on the Occidental Commercial Electricians Set ]

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