Hugo Boss Leather Briefcases

April 2, 2022
The Made In Dilemma: To

If you're looking to get into the knockoff leather game, there could be pools of cold, hard cash in your future just waiting for you to go diving on in. All it takes is a little half-assery, a more-than-questionable moral compass, and the knowledge of where to actually cut those corners—which can be harder than it seems. Fortunately for you, Saddleback Leather CEO David Munson is here to show you how to fake his bags the right way—tongue, of course, planted firmly in cheek.

Saddleback is renowned for the quality of its leather (their products come with a 100-year warrantee, after all), so it's understandable that Munson harbors a particular distaste for charlatans running around selling crappy versions of what customers think will be a lifelong purchase. So in the process of "showing" us how to make a dupe of Saddleback's Leather Briefcase, Munson also gives us first-hand look at everything that goes into making the real-deal, the differences between the two, and why exactly Saddleback is able to offer that century-long warranty with so much confidence. [Saddleback Leather]

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