Hand Stitched Leather Goods

March 31, 2020
Hand Stitched Leather

If you would like to make a custom leather object and learn how to stitch leather by hand,
or if you enjoyed the basics in our initiation course and would like to learn more, you can now create a custom size leather object.
(phone holder, pencil case, small envelope, or whatever... you name it)

Understand custom requirements and adapt your accessory based on your needs and stitch everything by hand using two-needles and stitching pony. You’ll be able to select your leather in our atelier for your favourite (smart)phone holder or accessory.


  • Take all the measurements of your phone or product and finely select the leather you want to use for it
  • Creation of your cardboard template with the techniques you already learned in our initiation workshop
  • Make the cardboard totally yours by drawing and cutting out your design
  • Cutting the leather with the right cutting technic and prepare the piece for assembling
  • Use the right iron to make the finishing touch of the leather
  • Explanation of the different hand-stitching styles
  • Make the holes where you want to hand stitch
  • Choose your threat colour and finish your leather pouch through hand stitching

In a approx. 5 hours course, you’ll own an hand-stitched phone holder or custom pouch made by the new leather designer on the block: you!

The price for this leather course is 85 euros. (viennoisery and drinks included)
The price also includes materials and use of tools.

Don’t wait too long to secure your ticket, because the number of guests is limited to 6 people!

(The courses are given in both French and Dutch (or English) and a minimum of 4 participants is required.)

Source: www.eventbrite.com
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