Prada Bag Saffiano Leather

March 26, 2017
Prada bag saffiano leather
bluel white lace skirt work outfit prada bagI'm a bit clueless about the video function on our camera, and Nick's heavy sighs when I ask him to be "cameraman" (esp. when Sunday sports are on) sums up his thoughts on that topic! He "gifted" me a point-and-shoot camcorder which I took as a blatant hint. I've gotten several requests for a Prada Saffiano Cuir bag review, so figured why not test my new gadget out. !prada saffiano cuir lux purse review how to care clean If you want to see the various ways you can wear these bags with the adjustable shoulder strap, you can check out of the Saffiano Lux (also known as the "Galleria" line).
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Prada's Cuir double bag is a gorgeous & sturdy-feeling one, and has quickly become one of my most-worn handbags (see on me just to name a few). The Cuir line came out about two years ago, and the lack of information about it online can frustrating for researchers.prada saffiano cuir small medium large sizes For this video, I called a bunch of Prada boutiques around the country asking the same questions ... what is "saffiano" leather, what's the difference between the Saffiano Lux and Saffiano Cuir collections, and how to care for the material. The responses I got from sales associates ranged from completely clueless, to finally enthusiastic and knowledgeable-sounding (thanks Joel from the boutique at the Bellagio in Vegas : )
Biggest edit from video: while in a Prada boutique I was told my bag is called the "medium" size, and the bigger one is "large." Please see below for a comparison of my gray bag versus the bigger pink one. However, I just checked where I ordered my bag from at Neimans and it's listed as as "small" there. Saks also refers to this size as the "small, " and both retailers refer to the bigger size as "medium."
I also want to clarify from the video that when I said soap, I meant I was told to use soap with a little water on a cloth or paper towel to clean stains, making sure to wipe the area dry afterwards. I've never had to use soap, though, as usually just a little water on a napkin removes whatever surface stain or mark I've made on these bags.
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