Leather Coach Diaper Bags

March 14, 2017
Designer coach diaper bags

I just HAD to have this Baby Bag as a Push Present!

I kept telling my husband that I HAD to have a Coach baby bag and that it had to be Leather! I found this one in the store and told him to get it!! They stopped selling it in stores after that and he just happened to find me one right before my due date! This is the perfect baby bag for all of the things I need as a first time parent. I overpack because I don't know what all I need and I also keep his(my baby's) social security card and medical information in the front sleeve. I can tell that once he grows out of this that I will use it as a laptop bag. I already keep my iPad and MacBook in it when we travel to the grandparents house. I recommend this to anyone who overpacks or who just needs a lot of room for multiple kids, also, anyone who needs a nice size purse or laptop bag!
It comes with a black changing bad and the inside has 2 bottle holders which I use every time we leave the house. It has 2 inside zipper pockets and one unzipped long pocket inside. It also has 2 outside pockets at the ends and one outside sleeve in the front that is good for documents! I love it! To me, the color is perfect, I already had a purse in this same look and this doesn't seem to girly or too masculine. Hope this helps you in your choice!

Source: www.ebay.com
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