White Leather Coach Bag

September 27, 2020
White Leather Coach Bag

Leather Coach Purse Buying GuideCoach is one of the most recognizable names in high-end designer handbags, wallets, and other accessories. Launched in New York City in 1941, the company has grown to be highly successful among those seeking top-quality leather and fabric accessories with timeless looks. On-trend yet always classic, Coach products can be seen around the world on fashion-conscious people. When shopping for a handbag, Coach is at the top of the list for many women.

About Coach Purses

Coach designs a wide range of handbags, including shoulder bags, clutches and totes in many different sizes and styles. Their line can be divided into two main categories: leather purses and fabric purses. The leather purses are generally more expensive due to the nature of the material, although both are very popular. Coach is known for high-quality handbags that are classic in style and are good for carrying to work, out shopping, or even special occasions. They fit with just about anyone's sense of style with the range of types, colors, and patterns available.

Leather Coach Purses

Coach designs leather purses in many styles, including crossbody, satchel, hobo, and clutch. The types of leather that are used in these handbags varies as well. Purses can be purchased in shiny patent leather, pebbled leather, soft, smooth leather, or woven leather. Coach uses only high-quality glove-tanned leather, which is durable, soft, supple, and beautiful. With proper care, leather Coach purses will last a lifetime. Coach sells leather in a variety of colors including black, brown, camel, red, and seasonal colors like spring pastels and winter's deeper tones. The leather may come from several sources, but many Coach handbags are made with Italian leather. Coach leather purses use top-quality metal fittings and zippers that are also designed for durability.

Buying Coach Purses

Coach handbags are available from a variety of high-end retail shops and specialty online retailers, and both new and used ones are easy to find on eBay. Typically eBay has new Coach purses at discount prices, and their market for gently used designer handbags is large and thriving, so buyers looking to get the superior quality and classic look of Coach at a lower price will find it to be an excellent source.

Authentic Coach Purses

A Coach purse is identified by a few factors. Coach handbags bear the brand name or the logo. Coach's signature is the interlocking letter C design, and the logo is a horse drawing a coach. The C design on any Coach purse will be symmetrical and even, and in most cases will not appear both inside and outside the purse. Stitching is uniform and all seams are double-stitched. Coach purses made after the 1960s are stamped with serial numbers on the inside marker, which is made of leather. Bags made in the 1990s and later follow a specific serial number format with a combination of letters and numbers separated by a dash. Any questions you have regarding the authenticity of a Coach purse should be directed to the seller before you buy.

Vintage Coach Purses

Vintage handbag collectors and purse lovers alike enjoy the hunt for a classic Coach purse. As with buying any vintage purse, knowing the product and the value are essential to getting a good deal. Vintage items come in a variety of conditions, so be sure to read the full product description before you purchase. Because Coach uses excellent materials in their purses, vintage Coach handbags are often still in excellent condition.

Styles of Coach Leather Purses

Coach makes leather purses in all of today's popular handbag styles. Choosing the right leather handbag for your needs depends on how much you have to carry, how you prefer to carry your purse, and what style you like best.

Purse Style


Size Options

Shoulder bags are designed to hang from one shoulder. Coach shoulder bags often include a hand strap as well.

Ranges from small evening bag-style to large daily use bags

A satchel is a structured bag that is meant to be carried by the handle. Most Coach satchels also have a removable shoulder strap.

Medium to very large, for business and daily use

A crossbody has a long strap meant to cross over the body. They come in many styles.

Mostly small to mini due to the nature of crossbody wear

A clutch is meant to be held in the hand, with no strap. Some do have a removable wrist strap.

A tote has a single open space inside.

Small to large

Coach Collections

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