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March 28, 2017

Getting the right laptop bag helps protect your laptop while you travel or commute. A hard or soft case absorbs shock, makes space for a specific laptop size and has a stylish look that fits your personality. Some sport cool colors or patterns and others look luxurious thanks to the highest-quality leathers. A number of fashionable laptop bag options for men and women make it easy to find the right one for your electronics. Staples also carries a wide variety of school backpacks that are the perfect addition to any student's back to school supplies.

Choosing the Right Laptop Bag

Choosing a bag starts with knowing the size of the laptop. Once you know the size, you can select an appropriate bag; it should fit your laptop's specific width, height, and depth without cramming. Make sure the bag has a snug fit for the most protective security. Select a laptop bag with good stitching. Strong and durable stitches prevent rips or tears. Neoprene linings guard the laptop from damage during drops while also delivering a cushy feel as you walk with the bag against you.

Another thing to consider is the style. Choose fabric for a soft bag or plastic or metal for a hard case. Backpacks keep your laptop close on a bike or bus commute, while messenger-style laptop bags have only one strap and sling over your shoulder for easy access.
Important Features of Laptop Bags
Laptop bags with protective foam absorb shock if you drop the bag, protecting the electronics inside. Some bags have extra pockets for iPads, iPhones, tablets or other electronic devices. with a waterproof design protect your equipment from rain or dropped drinks, while those with wheels allow you to carry extra-heavy equipment safely and save you back pain from carrying the bag through the airport. Laptop bags with straps have shoulder pads to keep you comfortable under increased weight. Secure fastenings keep the bag's strap connected and zippers shut. Some briefcases have locks to keep other people from getting into your bag.

What's the Difference Between Leather and Faux Leather Computer Bags?
Laptop bags come in numerous materials from leather to cotton. Leather has a soft, durable structure, good for bags that have to last for many years. Genuine leather generally comes in black or brown tones. Faux leather comes in a multitude of colors and looks like leather, though it does not have the same lasting power.

Are Hard Laptop Cases Better Than Soft Laptop Bags?
Hard laptop cases have a solid structure with a defined size and shape. Most hard cases are aluminum, which is durable yet lightweight. Metal cases contain padding inside, and they sometimes come in custom styles to suit the equipment you own. These cases often have locks, preventing theft.

Soft laptop bags vary in density and strength, and common materials include canvas, nylon, polyester and leather. Canvas has a woven appearance, and it doesn't require a liner. Canvas comes in almost any color or pattern, making it versatile and unique. Nylon and polyester make up some of the highest-quality computer bags because of their resilient structure. Polyester resists mold and mildew, while nylon has thick stitching and incredible strength that is helpful for heavier laptops. Leather and faux leather appear the most luxurious for a professional look. More

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