Leather Messenger Bags for Women

November 10, 2013
Small leather messenger

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You’ve been there before: you’re walking briskly to your destination when you realize you need something from your backpack. You’re in a hurry, so you don’t want to stop walking; the clumsiness of sorting through a heavy backpack on the go doesn’t help either. You’re in luck—our messenger bags are here to solve your dilemma.

Take advantage of the convenient one-shoulder design of our messenger bags. The time-tested layout allows you to grab whatever you need, whenever you need it. Pick out your favorite designs and materials, from a classy leather bag to a cute polka dot canvas print. Whether you’re on your way to school or you simply need a purse substitute or laptop carrier, JCPenney’s messenger bags for men and women have you covered with top-notch portability and affordability.

Source: www.jcpenney.com
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