Mens Leather Messenger Bags Distressed

September 19, 2018
Leather Messenger Bag

vintage leather messenger bag imageBusy professionals and college students alike need a method of carrying their items around to the office or classroom. Men's messenger bags offer a solution with a stylish touch that complements the put-together look of an executive, businessman or dedicated student. There are many different materials and styles from which to choose when it comes to men's messenger bags, and the right option depends on the unique needs of the buyer.

History of the Messenger Bag

Messenger bags have a rich history dating back to Ancient Rome. Roman soldiers would use satchels to carry their personal belongings, and a strap rested across the body in the same way that the strap of a messenger bag does today.

This concept was used to design the bags that were carried by members of the Pony Express. The fact that early American mail carriers used these bags to carry messages across the country earned the satchels the messenger bag name. Messengers used canvas bags that were made to be as sturdy as possible to ensure that they could endure the rugged ride across all types of terrain. Messenger bags that are used today incorporate and improve upon this heavy-duty, durable design to withstand the urban jungle.

Messenger Bag Materials

Wilsons Leather makes it a point to exclusively use high-quality leather in its men's messenger bags. The premium leather is sourced from the finest tanneries around the world, and each tannery that Wilsons Leather works with has been thoroughly screened for quality purposes.

All of the leather that is used to make men's messenger bags for Wilsons Leather has been hand sorted to ensure that it is of the utmost quality. Any materials that do not meet the strict quality standards implemented by Wilsons Leather are rejected to ensure that the final product adheres with these stringent standards and meets the expectations of buyers.

double buckle leather messenger bag imageSkilled workers cut each piece of leather by hand to ensure that the texture, color and grain of each piece is uniform. Whether customers are buying a Wilsons Leather men's messenger bag in a retail store or online, they can be sure that the product they purchase will have the high-quality look and feel that they expect.

Producing a high-quality men's messenger bag is truly a craft that must be completed by skilled artisans. Wilsons Leather employs master craftsman who are experienced at making messenger bags and pride themselves in creating high-quality pieces that are made with meticulous attention to even the smallest details.

Picking the Right Messenger Bag

Choosing the right messenger bag depends on the needs of the buyer. All messenger bags offer many pockets that can be used for storage. The placement of these pockets makes it easy for men to access everything that they need when they are living a fast-paced lifestyle.

The shoulder straps on men's messenger bags are designed to be adjustable for comfort. Many of these straps have a padded area that sits on the shoulder to prevent rubbing or discomfort when men are quickly moving from one place to another. There is no need to worry about shoulder pain when carrying a messenger bag that is designed to be worn across the chest.

All of the hardware on a messenger bag is made to be durable in order to last for years. Every buckle, snap and flap is made to be opened and closed hundreds of times without becoming severely damaged. Men's messenger bags are intended to be used on a daily basis and are designed with this purpose in mind. Premium accents contribute to the durability and function of the bag while improving the look of the piece.

distressed leather messenger bagAccent topstitching follows the trend of combining form and function by adding a unique focal point on men's messenger bags that also works to increase the durability of the finished piece. The edges and trim of the bag are secured with this stylish stitching.

A final reason to choose men's messenger bags is the fact that the lining is made to keep personal belongings safe while they are being stowed away in a bag. These bags are used for transporting everything from laptops to written reports. The soft lining is made to prevent scratches on electronics while providing cushioning for all personal effects.

Messenger Bag Styles

There are several different styles from which to choose when it comes to men's messenger bags. One popular style is the leather brief. This messenger bag is designed to look similar to a briefcase while offering the additional space and storage options of a messenger bag. Leather brief messenger bags are a favorite among executives and other professionals.

Sport messenger bags offer more padding than other types of bags. These bags are ideal for men who find themselves traveling in more rugged conditions on a regular basis. Whether men are dodging commuters while catching a train or tucking their messenger bag away in a motorcycle saddle bag, sport messenger bags are perfect when more durability is desired.

Bags with a magnetic closure, as opposed to a buckle or snap closure, let busy men quickly access the supplies that they need. While all messenger bags offer the chest strap that makes them easy to secure to the body while traveling, many of these bags also offer a carrying handle that allows them to function more like a briefcase.

Looks range from vintage leather and distressed leather to nylon. While Wilsons Leather is known for its high-quality leather pieces, nylon is a synthetic style option that offers a unique look for a more casual user. Many students prefer the look and feel of nylon when they are spending their days in the library or dorm room, and it is easy for Wilsons Leather customers to transition from the functionality of nylon to the stylishness of leather as their needs change.

Caring for Your Messenger Bag

Messenger bags that feature leather are a great addition to a professional wardrobe. While these bags are functional, their unique and stylish look is what sets them apart from other messenger bags. However, the classy look comes with a need to regularly maintain men's messenger bags.

The leather can be treated with our Wilsons Leather & Suede Protector Spray or Wilsons Leather Lotion in order to avoid water damage.. To clean these bags, use a slightly dampened cloth and quickly swipe at dirt as soon as it is noticed. Rubbing the debris could cause damage, so a light hand is needed.

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