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October 18, 2017
K.W. Buffalo Leather Purse

I do not normally review products, but I just received this flight bag as a Christmas Gift. I am a commercial pilot and despite what most may envision, most of my work is demanding and in multiple adverse environments. Most flight bags last 6 months. My last flight bag does not have a single working zipper, nor does it have any straps because they all tore off despite it being guaranteed to be the "toughest" flight bag in existence. I must say, this Roosevelt bag is genuine quality. After carefully inspecting the flight bag, and packing it with my gear this morning, I am not even the least bit concerned about the quality of this bag. It has a couple of small design flaws if used as a true flight bag, but this is not uncommon and I do not feel that it takes away from the merits of the bag. I would be happy to provide constructive suggestions to the design if the company is interested? The leather is high quality, nicely dyed, and carefully machine stitched. It is real value for the money! The best part isn't even the bag! When I opened the bag up, its nice waxed canvas liner had a couple of typed notes inside. These notes included the company mission statement, a note from the founder of the company, and a poem. Most of the time I just throw this stuff in the trash but I carefully read through each paper and was thoroughly impressed. This company has values that seem to match my own, and they know what it is to be an American. Its a refreshing break from the cheap industry this country is filled with. I am mightily impressed with this product, this company, and its founder. I will, without question, continue to do business with Buffalo Jackson as long as they continue to stand by the values they currently state. I am planning a trip to the Matthews, NC location to check out their apparel in person. I will review again after I have put this bag through some of my routine aviation work. Thanks Buffalo Jackson! Oh, and by the way, I am about to complete the cross-country flight of a lifetime. Seattle to Charlotte in an original 1937 Beechcraft Model 18 that served throughout World War II in Alaska as "The Expediter". I'll definitely bring your bag along as I cannot think of a more fitting place for "The Roosevelt" of flight bags.

Source: buffalojackson.com
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