Leather Pilot Flight Bag

October 23, 2017
Tag Me: Bon Voyage Luggage Tag 3Flight bags play an invaluable role for pilots and aviators. With pilot bags, aviators can have quick access to navigation charts, flight plans, fuel testers, headsets, airport directories, portable GPS receivers and much more.

It can be challenging to manage all the equipment one needs for a safe and enjoyable flight. For example, airline transport pilots are often required to carry up to 35 pounds of VFR and IFR aviation charts. While some pilots use electronic flight bags (EFB) with digital maps, many aviators still rely on paper aviation charts.

When choosing a flight bag, it's important to make sure that it allows for easy access to the equipment one needs in flight. Flight bags should have several different compartments that can be accessed while in the air.

It's also important for commercial aviators to have access to the right type of pilot luggage. Since many commercial pilots will spend part of their downtime away from home, it's essential to make sure that pilot luggage is durable and spacious.

Source: www.pilotmall.com
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