Fair Trade Leather Handbags

July 25, 2021
Staff Guide | Updated November

Ethics | Vegan, Recycled/Upcycled Materials, Fair Trade
Best For | Wide Selection of Handbags (Satchels, Diaper Bags, Yoga Bags, Crossbodies)
Price Range | $50 - $250

You might think Matt & Nat stands for two people, but the name actually represents Mat(t)erial and Nature. Born out of Montreal, Canada in 1995, Matt & Nat believes in living beautifully and appreciating humanity and the world around us. Committed to being sustainably and eco-friendly, all of their bags are made with vegan materials only, including recycled bicycle tires and rubber. In fact, their handbag linings are made with 100% recycled plastic bottles! They also have deep partnerships with the factories who create their beautiful products, and hold them to the highest safety standards. With over 20 different categories for bags, ranging from bowling bags, to men’s shoulder bags, made with beautiful, vivid colors, the opportunities are endless.

Source: www.thegoodtrade.com
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