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September 27, 2022
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How can you tell if the Michael Kors handbag that you are about to buy online is authentIc from the designer? Designer handbags are a big wardrobe investment, and there's nothing worse than discovering you spent a large amount of your hard earned money on a fake. Follow these 6 simple steps to verify the authenticity of your purchase.
Hang tag
Most Michael Kors handbags feature a hanging MK logo (but Not all). The distinct MK letters are very close together and any engraving will be neat and clean.. Check that the spacing and metal color is correct. The price tags on an authentic Michael Kors bag are tan and white. All other colors are most usually fake (green, orange, black are commonly used on fakes)

Check the stitching on the handbag very carefully. It should be straight, neat, even and clean. Also look closey at the color and qui ltey of the leather to make sure it looks llike real leather

Where featured on a Michael Kors handbag the hardware will be made of solid metal and will not flake or chip. Some pieces may be engraved and if so the engraving will be clean with a high quality finish. It will never be made if plastic.

Inside Logo
The Michael Kors logo, in full or MK on the lining, may appear on the interior of the handbag. Check the font, spacing and positioning of the logo carefully, as well as the material quality. The material should be of fabric, not plastic. Authentic Michael Kors linings Do Not Crunch!! See pictures of FAKE MK's below.

Made in
New Michael Kors handbags feature a 'Made in...' tag. Older handbags may not feature this tag or state different countries of origin. Authentic MK bags are now produced in several locations including China, Vietnam and Korea.
Beware of sellers who are located outside of the country or those that drop ship from China though. Always buy from a reputable seller.

Source: www.ebay.com
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