Italian Leather Tote Bag Bags?

September 18, 2019
Parma Tote Leather Weekend Bag

Upgrade your look with these incredibly stylish tote bags from Banana Republic.

In this collection at Banana Republic, you'll find the perfect tote bag for your needs. Going from work straight to the gym or bar? Headed to a sunny beach to catch some rays with the crew? Whether you're shopping on that strip of chic boutiques or just running errands with the family, the extra space provided by these fashionable totes will come in handy. With a shoulder bag from this line, you'll be able to pack what you need for an afternoon out, or have an attractive and eco-friendly way to carry home a newly purchased item. Functionality meets style with these expertly designed bags.

Used either as an everyday purse or as a weekend beach bag, leather tote bags from Banana Republic are useful fashion accessories that can stand up as works of art, in and of themselves. Choose from traditional brown or elegant black leather, and a range of other fabulous hues. Match these cute tote bags with your belt or shoes for a quick outfit that feels thought-out and cohesive, even if you threw it together while running out the door. Pair a colorful bag with a monochromatic dress for a balanced vibe that shows sensibility and sophistication.

Ladies' totes from this line are team players, and they'll work well with a range of outfits.

At times, it feels like you're carrying your whole life in your bag. With premium tote bags for women from Banana Republic, you'll have a well-made creation featuring strong straps and fasteners, top-quality materials and strong stitching and sealing. Don't let a bag failure send your important items scattering across the street. Whether you're carrying your phone, wallet and makeup, an expensive set of shoes, or even your work laptop, you can trust these dependable bags.

A tote bag from this collection will serve you well for years. Make memories and accomplish everyday errands with a fabulous new bag.

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