Leather Motorcycle Tool Bags

September 2, 2020
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Chilhowee Motorcycle Bags
Sometimes motorcycle saddle bags are overkill for the essentials a biker needs to carry around. A heavy leather tool bag, leather pouch, or windshield bag is often just the right size to hold the essential "stuff". And quality leather toolbags and leather pouches not only increase your important cargo space, but send the message that you're a serious motorcyclist. Sure, for some people, their bike is an expensive toy, but it can be a serious one!

Motorcycle Tool Bags Our motorcycle bags - leather tool bags, leather pouches, and windshield bags - are premium quality, thick enough to hold their shape - even when empty! That's because they're crafted from rugged 10 oz. oak-tanned Full Grain leather.

Experienced craftsmanship makes our motorcycle bags look great and makes them tough enough to stand up to the roughest treatment you can dish out. Our rugged tool bags and pouches are drum dyed and finished with hi-tech formulated black waterproof topcoats. Every stress point is riveted for strength, and we use only heavy-duty chrome-on-brass buckles and chrome-on-brass studs. Guaranteed not to rust or discolor! (For rainy climates try our motorcycle rain suits) And our motorcycle bags aren't made by children slaving in the sweatshops of foreign countries, they're made right here by American craftsmen!

Source: www.chilhowee.net
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