Brown Leather Duffel Bag

April 11, 2017
Brown Leather Duffel Bag

Baigio Brown Leather Duffel Bag is created from the best quality saddle leather; this is not lamb or some other fragile hides because it is very tough and comes with a sturdy looking. Every single bag is hand-crafted so that the color can vary a little.

It has the new leather smell after you unpack the parcel, but if you don’t like it, and you aren’t going to use it at the moment, you can just put the bag in a ventilated area for a couple of hours, and then the smell will disappear.

The special about saddle leather aka crazy horse leather is that there are a few scars, creases and scuff marks on the surface area. That is the reason it features the style and design of wildness and retro; You can see the trace when you scratch it broadly. In the event the trace isn’t obvious, you could wipe it carefully, the trace will be reduced.


I received many compliments and stares every time I carried the bag during my business trip. It is durable, fashionable and most definitely a high-quality bag under $200. I read some of the reviews that were unsatisfied with the leather smell, but the smell is not too strong, and it actually won’t transfer over to your garments.

The capacity of the duffle bag is just ideal for several days worth of clothing. I also carried it to Dallas for a week; I can put 4 set of clothes, some accessories and an extra pair of shoes. Overall, this duffle bag is well-crafted, and it will become one of your gorgeous bags which will serve you for a lifetime.

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