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May 17, 2018

For every adventure in life, there seems to be a leather bag that goes with it. Whether it is walking from your dorm room to the first class of university on a crisp autumn day with your book in tow inside of a messenger bag that will last you beyond retirement. Or if it is carrying diapers in leather bag that has made life just a tad bit easier- well as easy as it can be with a new born- and years down the road, you may pass it down to your baby for their babies.

Copper River Bags are timeless. They are also of a quality of leather that is meant to last long beyond today’s current fashions fad. Made with the greatest of care, right down to the stitch of every single bag is top notch. We understand when one invests in a product, the purchase is meant to do more than just look good. It is made to save time and add value to invaluable everyday experiences.

With all of our bags we create a custom set of features to meet unique needs of the purpose of the bag. Whether you’re carrying an iPad, a gun, diapers or a camera, we’ve got a leather bag with everything you need and more to live up to that purpose. What is even better is you can know that you’ll be able to enjoy this luxury for decades to come thanks to the care of the handcrafters and designers at Copper River Bags.

Source: www.copperriverbags.com
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