Handmade Leather purses made in USA

February 13, 2017
Made Locally in Dalton, GA
So this is me...
My mind is not tamed by reading and watching, rather doing and creating. I feel overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas at times, until I can make them a reality. My most fond memories of learning how to sew date back around 20, make that 18ish years ago. I'll set the mood...

A few hours away in a rustic home set alone in the woods, a fire burning in the stove. I wake up to the smell of homemade pancake batter and bacon. Excited to start our creations of the day, we jump out of the crisp white sheets. Grandma Calls out "HOTCAKES, wash up girls!" After filling our tummies my sister and I head down the steep stairs to the warm basement smelling of cedar and cinders from the fire. We go to the aged wooden crate under the stares labeled "rags" old scraps of material my Grandma had left over from previous projects and old warn out flannel shirts from Grandpa. We would spent the day sewing dolls and animals on my grandmas antique singer sewing machine. Embellishing them with vintage buttons and old linens. We would create clothing for them to wear, then take them on an adventure in the woods. My mom was always amazed with the creations an 8 and 10 year old could come up with. We once even made her a table for the entryway out of scrap wood and a perfume bottle lid for the door pull. Needless to say this is about the time my mind started to wander, all the possibilities what to do next.

Fast forward 18ish years to today... I absolutely love what I do, I make. Whatever, and I realize the possibilities are virtually endless. I am a ski bum, a daughter and a soon to be aunt. I love my life, my family and my wonderful boyfriend. I love the feeling I get when one of my creations is sent on a new adventure building a bond with a new owner and a whole new environment. Each and every creation is a part of my sole to be shared. A part of my imagination brought to life.

Thank you for visiting my shop 14X Bags! I take pride in each and every bag I create. Most of my materials come form thrift shops and donations. I find it exciting and fun to go “hunting” for new materials with help from my mom and sister (Thanks!). I have been dreaming of starting a shop for a few years now and finally have the time. I hope you enjoy shopping with me!

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