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July 9, 2020
Best Handmade Leather Wallets

Handmade Leather WalletsOf the 23 people on my list of people I buy gifts for throughout the year, my nearest and dearest is the toughest. My husband is not very big on gifts or on “stuff, ” in general. He uses things up until they are worn out, and he likes to keep his possessions to a minimum. Why have 10 pair of shoes when you can have 3? I can’t say that I totally relate…

But I will say this: he really has an eye for quality, perhaps because he doesn’t care too much for quantity, and because he wants his purchases to last. Novica is a GREAT place to look for something special for him, and I found it two weeks ago when I saw the absolutely stunning handmade leather wallets created by Achara Boonfu in Thailand.

Handmade Leather WalletsThis particular design is called Credit to Black, and it is soft, simple, yet very practical in its design. It has 8 slit pockets for credit or membership cards, two “hidden” pockets, as well as a divided area for cash or tickets you may need to keep in a safe spot.

I’m pleased to report that Tim loved it. He said, “It’s absolutely perfect.” And then he immediately sat down and put the contents of his old wallet into his new one. His old wallet was quite worn, as it turns out, so the timing for him was perfect.

If you are searching for the perfect gift for the guy who doesn’t really do gifts, I can totally empathize, and I think you’ll have some good luck on the Novica website!

Definitely take a moment to check out the leather wallets, as well as the men’s clothing items. I saw several pieces in there that my husband would be glad to include in his closet, trading them in for some pieces he would take out in exchange. I can’t get over his discipline! When you are willing to keep your items streamlined and cut out the fluff, it seems more than reasonable that the items you do own be of high quality, just like what you will find here at Novica.

Source: www.novica.com
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