Juicy Couture Leather Purses

April 22, 2022

Your Guide to Making a Juicy Couture-inspired BagJuicy Couture bags are an icon in the fashion world. Tons of celebrities and models sport this famous accessory made by Juicy Couture. Getting your hands on a real Juicy Couture bag may be difficult, but you can make your own bag inspired by the design of this brand. By looking at the design of a real Juicy Couture bag, you can figure out what you need to make one yourself. The outer and inner materials, as well as the accents of the bag, are crucial to successfully creating your own. You can purchase all of the materials that you need right on eBay.Create your own bag that looks just like a real Juicy Couture item.

Real Leather

Juicy Couture bags are real leather. If you want to make your own bag that looks genuine, real leather is necessary. The leather is textured, but smooth. Real leather does not have much shine, so be sure that you are not buying fake leather that is shiny and smells like chemicals. Real leather is also thinner and more flexible than fake leather. Fake leather is stiff and hard to bend and move. You can create your own bag by purchasing real leather, or find a plain purse made with real leather that someone already created. By purchasing a pre-made bag you save a lot of time. However, when you buy leather to make your own, you can choose the design of the bag. Be sure to take your time stitching the leather. The stitching on Juicy Couture bags is near perfect. In order to make your bag look high quality, the stitching should look almost the same.

Inner Cloth

The inner lining of every Juicy Couture bag is soft cotton. Many purses come with a nylon interior, but this does not apply to Juicy bags. It is best to buy a form of soft cotton to sew into the lining of your bag, as this gives the bag a genuine feel. The cotton should be smooth and very flexible and fitting. Generally, the inner cloth matches the outside of the bag, but black and tan are also popular inner lining colors.

Source: www.ebay.com
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