Best Leather Travel Bags

March 14, 2019
Best Leather Travel Bags

Purchasing a new piece of luggage can lead to some difficult decisions. Many questions arise, like what size is best for the type of traveling I do? What color best fits me? What material do I want my luggage to be? What features must the bag have? And lastly, what is the best brand to get? With so many designer brands delving into the luxury luggage market, these decisions continue to become even harder to make.

Designer luggage can offer you a timeless and quality statement piece to take along on all of your travels for years to come. Crafted with extreme precision and attention to detail, these brands make their luggage to last. They also won’t be the boring or industrial-looking suitcases of your past—instead, you’ll get envious glances from friends, travel partners, and even complete strangers.

On the other hand, there are many people who don’t actually travel with designer luggage, and instead, treat it as a collector’s item. Trunks, boxes, and cases have a very nostalgic feel to them, and make for a great conversational piece as décor.

Though today’s luggage market can seem somewhat limitless with the possibilities of style and function, if you are looking for an outstanding piece of luggage, these are the best designers brands for travel. Not ready to commit to the price tag that comes with a full-size suitcase? Many of these brands make other luxury travel accessories that will elevate your style while on the go. Try a toiletry pouch, jewelry roll, luggage tag, or even passport holder. Read on for our list of the best designer luggage brands.

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