Mens Front Pocket Leather Wallet

June 9, 2020
Front pocket wallet, credit
Simplify Your Men’s Wallets Game for Maximum Success

If you ever find yourself amazed that you can even sit down at times due to the sheer bulk of your wallet, it’s high time you simplify. (Baby steps, now.) And when you do decide to take that leap to the “less is more” side, reward yourself (that was a huge step, mister) with a front-pocket wallet. And we don’t even need to tell you keeping your wallet up front can also safer in the long run.

Pick A Front Pocket Wallet

More streamlined, more modern and even more secure than traditional men’s trifold wallets, front pocket wallets keep just what you need together with no room for the stuff you don’t. Yes, they’ll keep you honest about all the stuff you really need. (Do you need to hold on to those crumpled receipts from two years ago?) Make no mistake, though, these little charmers pack quite a punch in style and utility. The slim style money-clip wallet is designed to hold your folded cash, ID as well as to organize your credit cards conveniently. Maybe you’re the kind of guy who prefers a money clip and also a front pocket wallet or two in one. Well, that’s up to you. But you can be sure, whatever your money and card-carrying preference, we’ve got the right combo or choice for you.

From Money Clips to Front Pocket Wallets, Authentic Style Is Key

True to Fossil’s roots of creating leather accessories that are as unique, authentic and interesting as those who choose to wear them, our front pocket wallets are as diverse in attitude and appearance as you are. And we never skimp on the details. Our front pocket wallet and money clip collections are designed with contrast stitching and amazing textures. We know the wallet you choose to carry every day is a personal decision. Every guy has an opinion on what works best for him. But the point is we’ve got what you need no matter wallet camp you’re in.

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