Ultra thin Leather Wallet

March 6, 2023
Best Slim Wallets

Editors' pick: Originally published Nov. 21.

In the rush to pull out a MetroCard to make it through a closing train door in that "Shoot, I'm going to be late" moment, ' my credit card has more than once taken an unceremonious fall to the station floor. Tragedy, hilarity and self-hate ensue.

If you're anything like me and need some organization in your life (but probably can't afford it), consider stepping up your wallet game. Whether you go for a modernist or more traditional look, your now-protected limited funds will thank you.

The extremely thin Infinity Wallet allows you to carry and organize all of your daily essentials. You'll barely notice it's in your pocket; don't forget it's in your pocket.

If you're trying to show off the money you don't have, this more traditional stitched Italian leather wallet will do the trick. Despite its classic look, you get all the needed functionality of hidden card slots and an easy access pull tab.

Forget the fabric. This polycarbonate wallet will hold four to ten cards and cash in a style oddly reminiscent of a Back to the Future vision of today's world.

With its leather and thin construction, RFID lets you have the look you want with the convenience you need. The wallet also caters to your inner security nut, featuring military grade shielding technology and proprietary blocking material.

Source: www.thestreet.com
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