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September 11, 2017
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Kattee Real LeatherMessenger bags are very popular in today’s contemporary way of living. Whether you’re a business professional, student, or anyone who carries a variety of things along with you on a daily basis, you can benefit from a leather laptop messenger bag. Coming in a wide variety of leather textures and colors, you can definitely find something stylish, yet practical for everyday living.

This article is written to give you, the consumer, a better insight on what leather laptop messenger bags are available and how you can benefit from using them. There are different brands and styles represented here, but it’s up to you to decide which one fits your lifestyle and personality. Let’s begin, shall we?!

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This is one of the better leather messenger bags out there for laptops, and at an affordable price. This bag has style and is made out of think cowhide leather. The hardware on this product has and is made from Top Bronze Tone. The Company Polare has been in business for many years and is also known for high-quality products. The bag has even more style and is more functional than before, as this item is a lot more comfortable thanks to the improved shoulder strap. There are a few exterior as well as interior compartments available giving you plenty of storage for smaller objects. This improved design gives it users 20% more storage capacity than the previous version all without increasing it’s size. This is truly an innovative design that serves it’s purpose well.

Importantly, this leather laptop messenger bag can also fit laptops up to 15 inches and the thick hide gives it protection from being damaged. The sturdy and stiffness of real leather gives this great balance also and at 3.6 pounds, it is easy for conveniently carrying around. The genuine cowhide leather has been handcrafted and imported from Italy. The stitching is top notch and goes through an intense inspection before released ensuring users with the highest quality possible. This unique satchel gets you through tough times and can hold a number of items inside easily. Whether you’re in the classroom, courtroom, or boardroom; Polare gives you style and security.

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This leather laptop messenger bag only weighs about 1.9 pounds, but is structured to carry most portable items with ease. Buyers get a vintage design that is casually adapted. Coming with a host of storage features and pockets makes this bag very versatile. The deep blue color of the fabric provides a great contrasting with the brown leather and black straps. This canvas bag can be used by both women and men whether you’re in school, traveling, or at the office. Having a top handle makes this very easy to carry around and with the adjustable shoulder straps, makes this item more comfortable than others. The deep A5 pouches located on the satchels front are covered with a securing flap. Here are some of the bags features:

  • Five upfront pen holders
  • Wallet holder
  • Cell phone holder
  • One zipper pocket
  • 9.7 inch exterior back zipper pocket
  • Main compartment

Ecosusi definitely has you covered and secured, as the bag is made from Crazy Horse Leather. It gives you a more distinguished surface and feel. This leather has a unique texture. You can scratch or scrape it, and it will leave a mark or trace which can be removed by just wiping the area. If you’re into this kind of texture, the Ecosusi is perfect for you. If you want a leather bag that is contemporary, but still retains a classic feel; you wont be disappointed.

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This bag has a beautiful black finish. Of all this leather laptop messenger bags on the market, this is one that gives it’s users an elegant appeal. The 2.6 pound bag has a more feminine look, but many men carry this around in today’s society.

First of all, Professional Artisans put this bag together. It is hand made with very high quality leather. Texbo offers many pockets here that can store keys, books, passports, and wallets if need be. The genuine 100% polished cowhide leather has a nice business feel about it. The company has a great reputation for style and every inch of the bag is inspected before leaving Italy, ensuring it’s users that it will go through the test of time. Heavy-Duty Industrial Materials and Heavy Synthetic Tread gives the bag a sturdy feel and added layer of protection. Being one of the more softer bags on the market, it’s very easy to clean and care for which makes it very popular for most people.

Business Professional love the bag and it withstands the test of frequent traveling. There are a lot of compartments that have interior zippers keeping your most personal belongs out of sight and secure. There is also a zippered external compartment on the back that is perfect for paper documents stamps, and folders. You cant go wrong with Texbo as they’ve done a great job of covering all bases. Despite the bag’s look, it can hold an average sized laptop and the security of the material gives users to store items such as glasses, external hard drives, tablets, or any fragile electronic. Users stated that they love the elegance and functionality of the product and it’s the perfect size for traveling.

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Comparatively, this is a larger leather laptop messenger bag that gives it’s users plenty of sufficient space. Made from high quality vintage leather, you get a classic worn-out look full of personality. The genuine leather bag is made from super canvas lining. This brown leather satchel gives you easy pocket access to the front side which can hold laptops, tablets, or any flat screen electronic device in total security. The extra cushioning gives you added protection for the inner walls and compartments as well. There is even an area inside that stores and keeps things organized. Being well spacious, there isn’t a limit of what can be carried here depending on the person who uses it. Other features include three internal compartments, an adjustable strap, and two added internal zippered pockets.

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