Slim Leather Briefcase

April 5, 2023
Slim Leather Briefcase

A variation on our Thin Briefcase

As the story goes, I was an undercover FBI agent and my black lab, Blue, was a drug dog when I first moved to Juarez, Mexico. And the gang on my street didn’t like it much. Well, at least that’s what my little old landlord lady, Donita, told them.

You see, she didn’t like the gang hanging out on our street because of all of the late night noise, broken beer bottles and the trash they always left behind. And, therefore, she used me to scare them off.

I mean, it definitely was believable. What in the world would a clean cut white guy and his canine sidekick be doing renting a shabby little room in Donita’s hacienda, right?

Well, it worked. The gang moved a few blocks away and our street got nice and peaceful again. Peaceful until the little old lady’s Chihuahua went into heat and Donita had the scent of love all over from holding her. Well, Blue fell in love and it wasn’t pretty… but that’s another story.

I'm not sure if your current briefcase would make anybody wonder what you do other than work at some average job for average pay. This briefcase will suggest a story about you that may not be true, but it'll sure be fun.

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