Mens Leather Wallets with Coin Purse

April 28, 2019
Jag Wallet
Men’s Wallets With A Coin Pocket (Yes, They Really Exist)

There’s something we need to talk about, guys. With all the great wallet styles available, have you noticed that something is just, well, missing? If that weight in your pocket is keeping you down, you know it’s time to look into men’s wallets with a coin pocket.

These wallets do more than just hold your ID, credit cards and cash, they keep that telltale jingle from announcing your arrival…or departure…or every move.

Each wallet is designed with Fossil’s attention to detail in various leather textures and colors, as well as unique juxtapositions of each. And every style is inspired by our love of vintage appeal. We’ve thought about how guys use their wallets, too, because everyone is different. Some just need to zip in the change; others of you don’t want to take any chances. We know those guys prefer a total wallet zip—and we’ve thought of that too. From large estate wallet styles to slim L-zip bifolds, the right wallet is waiting to help you get and keep everything together. So gather up all those coins pooling in your pockets, because now you have a place to keep them quiet—and quite useful.

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