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April 23, 2019
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Great News, Handbag Devotees

We could all use some good news. So, are you ready? We have a whole bunch of new handbags this season—and we’re pretty sure there’s something you’ll find to love no matter your taste. We’re introducing the latest and great in our handbag’s New Arrivals section.

You’ll find fun shapes, cool, classic shapes and some unexpected styles (think adorable critters) as well loads of color. Don’t worry, we’ve got you traditional types covered too. You’ll find all the qualities that keep you checking back in our new arrivals for women’s handbags and purses. Supple, quality leathers and well-designed interiors with thoughtful pockets to store all those little things that get you through your day gives our bags that Fossil mark.

New handbag styles make pretty stylish gifts for your favorite ladies. You can’t go wrong with tried and true collections as well as welcoming some new ones. And who doesn’t want to be first to the (trend) punch? The gift of one of our newly debuted bag styles will get you some cred and appreciation—not to mention major points. If there’s one thing Fossil knows it’s that new styles are as important as quality materials from which those designs are made. And we’re constantly inspired by the world around us, which means our designers have ever-evolving creative senses. You’ll see this inspiration in the way are designed from crossbody handbags to clutches.

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