MICHAEL Kors Brooke Leather Shoulder Bag

April 3, 2019
Michael michael kors Brooke

The messenger and satchel bag has become an iconic for men in recent times. Once known for their efficiency, these designs are now designed to be as stylish as they are functional.

The team at L’ArC have embraced this; we have designed a men’s messenger bag that is the height of style and simplicity, whilst being an effective bag for work, meetings, and presentations.

The bag for the stylish businessman

A man needs a quality leather bag to complete his look and suit his working needs. Our beautiful leather messenger bag is made from genuine leather produced the highest standard of tanners in India and contains a smart tartan inner-lining.

The bag is perfect for a businessman who is classy yet efficient. Whilst our bags are effective for business they can also be used for pleasure. They make for the perfect carry bag when on vacation: lightweight and durable, and with plenty of pockets and storage space.

Our story

L’ArC began distributing quality leather bags in 2016 after owner Adity, who has been involved in the leather industry for many years, realised that there was a need in Australia for a higher quality of leather goods.

Thus, she founded L’ArC. Her leather bags are produced using the highest quality of natural leather by tanners who have learnt their craft through the generations.

We distribute our leather messenger and satchel bags to Melbourne, Sydney, and the rest of Australia.

L’ArC prides itself on having the highest standard of working conditions for its staff and produced its bags in accordance with the Fairtrade agreement.

Source: www.larcbags.com
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