Wilsons Leather Messenger Bags

June 16, 2019
#26 Wilsons Black Leather
(951) 849-9915

This is the place to go for some high quality winter coats. I had to stop by here on the drive to LA from Phoenix, looking for a nice wool coat to keep me warm for the cold weather of Oregon. I've been here before, looking for a coat for my girlfriend who was moving to Seattle. I absolutely love the selection here, and being an outlet store they always have deals going on. Now, I may think highly of this store because I don't know the must have brands for coats, but I think they have high quality coats. I can always find a fashionable coat there, and the hard part is deciding which one to buy. I was able to get an amazing light grey Guess coat for $75 less than the store. And I am absolutely in love with it already! If you want a really good deal, come here at the beginning of the new year, they have 50-75% off some coats.

Yelp Gangsta Challenge 2016: 014/365 This joint offers the best service in cabazon. Every single rep on the floor asked if i needed help and suggestions. They have leather all sorts of crap. Briefcases, messenger bags, wallets, jackets/clothing and mucho mas. I went in and picked up black leather gloves for a fraction of the listed $130.00 i got over 75% off. Will return if i need leather goods. I wish they made cigar cases. Note: leather jackets have horrible fit for broad shoulder, long armed monkeys like me.

The people at Wilsons Leather are all great! Teresa and Josh helped us find everything we needed. Thank you for the great shopping experience.

Source: www.yelp.com
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