Fossil Leather Shoulder Bag

August 23, 2022
Fossil Leather Shoulder Bag 46

The Satchel Saves The Day

When you go for satchel handbags or shoulder bags, it’s a sign that you really know yourself. Small purses are great (and perfect) for a night out, but you’ve got living to do, right? If you’re like most women, you feel like satchel handbags are a saving grace for the busy woman on the go.

Our collections of satchel purses and bags offer all the space, style and beautiful design that you want. In smaller or bigger styles, we keep the design as smart on the inside—with side pockets and little places to stash your favourite lipstick or your wallet, and much more—as it is beautiful on the outside.

You’ll see Fossil’s vintage-inspiration in every bag we create. It’s a belief that the design philosophies that shaped the past have a very important bearing on the creations of the future. Creativity and quality will always make timeless, good design. We are obsessed with details because it’s the details that really impress. Details like adding the option to wear a long (and removable) strap as a crossbody or simply use the short straps, thereby completely changing the look of the same satchel instantly. Two distinct looks and uses? That’s real value.

In vibrant or traditionally hued leathers, it may be that the most unexpected design of our satchels will be just how convenient it is for you to stylish without sacrificing space or style.

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