Leather Overnight Travel Bag

March 18, 2017
Mexican Leather Overnight

This Leathario Duffle Bag is simple but elegant, made with top-quality 100% cattle hide, smooth touch, fine and clear texture. It also comes with the top-quality hardware that simple and high-class without fading or rust. The zippers are smooth and fluent. It has wonderful canvas lining, sturdy and anti-wear bottom studs.

The thick cattle hide is cut into two layers horizontally, the tight and strong top layer is refined into the primary layer cowhide. The other layer cowhide is the lower layer after cutting horizontally that spread with PU material. There is absolutely no big difference for this two types of cowhides, of course the primary layer is much more durable.

  • Outstanding and incredible craftsmanship.
  • Long-lasting nylon thread stitching
  • Retro and classic style
  • Conventional manual craft
  • Dimension: 23.4″ x 10.1″ x 14.8″

Quality of the Bag

This Leathario Duffle Bag reminds me of the old time when men and women carried this type of leather bag during the late 60s in the US. This overnight travel duffle is created from full grain leather; that is the perfect leather most of the people can afford yet the quality is still top-notch. The fibers will maintain the durability and strength with full grain leather.

The brass components on this bag are high quality. The exterior zipper is produced from brass. However, the interior zipper is made from plastic material.

The shoulder strap is made from leather which is laid on the surface of material. Also, there is canvas lining inside the bag, an extra pocket for your laptop, a zippered pocket and pouches on the inside. By the way, it also comes with a baggage tag.

The only disadvantage is the snaps which are connected to the handle on top are extremely stiff to open initially. Simply put I was afraid I might pull them away from the leather, thus, I took a tiny flat-blade screwdriver to fix the problem.

Apparently, as time goes by the problem will be fixed naturally, I just don’t have the patience.


In my opinion, the bag is worth every single dollar, you will find it has the genuine leather which makes you desire to touch it; you will fall in love with it.

It is slightly larger than the allowed size of carry-on regulation. I believe it could even increase the eyebrows of the check-in officer if you are not lucky. However, the good thing about soft leather is that regardless of the dimensions, it can be modified to the allowed carry-on size.

In conclusion, this excellent genuine leather overnight duffle bag from Leathario is designed to organize and put all your necessary stuff quickly. My friends and family love the bag so much when I show it off to them at the first time.

Source: dufflebagpro.com
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