Vintage Leather Coin Purse

March 19, 2019
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When you suddenly find yourself with a real hole in your pocket, leather coin purses save the day. These purses come in handy carrying sizes, perfect for holding in your hand or placing in a larger purse or coat pocket. They feature the sturdy material of leather, sometimes in combination with cloth, canvas, and nylon. Leather purses make nice choices for attractive and hardy coin carriers. Leather is among the most durable materials; intertwining fibers provide ample strength and prevent purses from ripping and tearing. With a finishing treatment of glaze, leather becomes water-resistant and repels stains. You can find leather coin purses in different styles, including old-fashioned and antique leather coin purses. These purses bear beautiful embroidered patterns of objects, like birds and flowers, historically associated with wealth, royalty, and luxury. Small leather coin purses feature a classic round shape with a large, single interior compartment. Clasps fasten at the top, preventing coins from spilling, while extra layers of leather and thread along the bottom prevent holes. You can look for these handy purses on eBay, where a large inventory gives you many options from which to choose. You can narrow your search by brand, like Coach, or search for certain colors and closures.

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