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April 16, 2015
Grade Minimalistic Leather

Machine EraIf you run a quick search on “wallets” on Kickstarter, you will find it everywhere. So it’s safe to assume, that this may the next big thing — some may call it the Wallet 2.0. The minimalist wallet is thin, small and lightweight but stll allows you to fit what you regularly put in a traditional wallet. It is one of the hottest accessories to have for both men (and women).

These wallets are designed for you to carry basic necessities – the credit cards you use most, a bit of cash, an ID card for work etc – and still fit into your back (or front) pocket. Comfort and style aside, they are also secure and primed for quick access to your cards.

Want to replace that bulky and beat up wallet for the holidays? Check out these 20 minimalistic wallet designs for one suited for your personality.

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A personal favorite (my order is on the way), the MostRad is a small bi-fold wallet that has slots for multiple cards and an elastic band for cash. The outside of the wallet also features a single card slot for quick access to your most-used card. [$30]

LEAN Essentials wallets are made of a one-piece full grain leather wrapped into cardholder design.LEAN Essentials There are 3 compartments to choose from: the front reveals a quarter of the card or paper bills for quick access, the center allows for secure storage of a number of cards, and the back features a slot for cash. It is available in four colors and has branding/lettering options too. [$49]

This wallet is only slightly bigger than a credit card. The front is made of leather while the back is made of elastic material, great for fitting all the cards that you have to carry around with you. The center section is split in 2 with another layer of elastic material. The cutout at the front allows you to push out cards for quick and easy access.


The Capsule wallet is a classy looking wallet that comes in 9 different colors and material/textures. One face of the wallet features a leather band while the other face has a card slot for quick access. The center slot holds the rest of your cards. [$70-$85]

A fully machined solid brass with an elastic band at the center for secure storage, Machine Era is outside the norm when it comes to minimalistic wallet material. The design is remarkably simple and secure, and it is also available in black aluminum. [$28-$45]

The Sapling Wallet adds a touch of class to the minimalistic wallet. It features 2 pieces of wood held together with an elastic strap, giving you secre space for 8 or more cards. Available in walnut, cherry or birch wood, you can even choose to apply laser engravings to customize your wallet for a small price. [$14-$25]

The Trofeo wallet is a simple cardholder made from Lamborghini seat material, built for comfort and durability. It is also elastic so it can expand to store more cards – a wallet that is truly minimal. Despite the use of expensive material, they still managed to keep the price affordable. [$32]

Capsule Machine Era Sapling Trofeo

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