Mens Leather Travel Toiletry Bag

October 28, 2017
Mens Leather Travel Toiletry

A dopp kit is a travel toiletry bag for men. No surprises here right?

Most common dopp kits are made from leather, vinyl or cloth with the main purpose of and toiletries.

Even though many men are using a dopp kit even when they don’t have any travel plans, it’s extremely useful when you travel.

You probably want a dopp kit that is relatively small in order to fit in a (small or hand) luggage and put all the necessary items you’re going to use during your stay.

What do you put in a dopp kit?

Typically in a dopp kit, someone would have his deodorant, hair styling products, beard oils, razors, trimmers and combs, shaving software, travel size shampoos and shower gels, toothpaste and toothbrush, creams and everything you deem essential for your travel.

You don’t want to overdo it with your toiletries though because it’s a travel kit for a reason.

Why is it called a dopp kit?

The name of the dopp kit derives from the . Doppelt was a German immigrant to the United States in the early 1900’s and he was the inventor of the first toiletry bag and hence the name dopp kit came into existence.

Doppelt initially started as as local craftsman and with the help of his nephew, signed a contract with the US army during World War II.

And as you can imagine, all the troops had one during this time and the popularity of the “dopps” skyrocketed and remained as such after the war.

How to select the best dopp kit for your travels?

Choosing the best dopp kit isn’t very difficult. There are however a few things that you would like to pay attention to before you go and get one. Otherwise, you’ll soon realize that you wasted your money.

And I’ll explain what I mean.


Before you even begin searching for a dopp kit, you need to determine the amount that you’re willing to spend.

Prices for a good toiletry bag range from $15 to $50. If you want to go below that range you would struggle to get a decent one that you won’t have to throw away after you first trip with it.

I believe that with $20 you can get a very decent dopp kit Quite affordable and it will do a great job.

Quality and material

As previously mentioned, the most common used materials are leather, vinyl and cloth.

Personally I tend to prefer genuine leather dopp kit. I’ve got a leather one myself and I wouldn’t go back to a different material at the moment. They feel great, smell awesome and look beautiful.

Vinyl is also great for a dopp kit. I’ve got one of these for my bathroom to keep the extra lathering products I get from time to time.

Most vinyl toiletry bags are very durable and waterproof while their cost isn’t going to cause you any financial trouble.

Yes, I can respect the fact that many of you wouldn’t mind a dopp kit that doesn’t have an appealing appearance, but we want to find the best dopp kit after all.

Something that you need to pay attention is also the interior materials that the dopp kit is made of. Pay special attention to have waterproof materials.

This is of crucial importance and I will give you the arguments for that:

If something breaks within the dopp kit, having a waterproof interior will keep the mess inside and won’t start leaking. In addition, waterproof is easier to clean and much faster to dry out once wet. See now?

In terms of quality, you will also want to pay attention to the zippers or buttons that the dopp kit has to open and close. If it’s cheaply made, you’ll soon have a broken zipper.


Now, this is quite important as well.

I’ve seen dopp kits that are as small as wallets while there are others that can be considered proper bags. Depending on how you would like to use a dopp kit, you should choose the respective size.

And this brings us to the next criteria on how to choose a dopp kit.

Reason to get a dopp kit

I’ve got two dopp kits at the moment. One that’s quite large with vinyl material that I keep in my bathroom while the other one is a leather and a bit smaller. The leather dopp kit I take it with me whenever I travel.

Depending on the way and the reason you want to buy a dopp kit, you can get different size, material or functionality.

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