Mens Black Leather Trifold Wallet

February 24, 2023
Levi s Men s Black Leather
Trifold Wallets For The Man

Trifold wallets give offer a little more room for all your essentials, while remaining small enough to be a front or back pocket wallet. Maybe you’re the type of ultra-organized guy who keeps receipts now just to go through them later. (Kudos to your responsible nature.) You need the space for those receipts as well as your credit cards and ID.

So what kind of wallet guy are you? Remember, what you needed in a wallet a couple of years back may have changed. It’s easy to get stuck in a cycle, because let’s face it, do you really consider your wallet all that often? And not to throw a huge curveball at you, while you mind is on it, color consideration is also a pretty big factor. Black or brown leather, and smooth leather or textured? (Don’t worry: these are fun decisions.) Mens trifold wallets are incredibly versatile and hold everything you need. And because wallet goes where you go, yours has to fit your personality and look good doing it. We feel the same way about of everything we craft. Inspired by authentic design and vintage philosophies, Fossil relentlessly works to create unique men’s trifold wallets and leather accessories that fit your lifestyle and style.

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