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December 1, 2022
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Everest Casual Messenger Brief Case For MenWant to know the easiest way to keep your life organized when you’re on the go? It’s simple, invest in a stylish messenger bag.

From the classroom to the boardroom, these bags are equipped to carry everything you need. They also serve a great fashion accessory. Rest assured they won’t be mistake for a purse. In fact, they are quite the opposite.

You may be surprised to know that men’s messenger bags have more than just one style. You’ve got the tote, camera bag, holdall, briefcase, and others to choose from. Each has its own size and shape; pick whichever suits your daily lifestyle the best.

Below are some great men’s messenger bags you’ll really like. From the luxurious, yet pricey stamped leather to the more conservative and casual canvas.

1. Everest Casual Messenger Bag

Casual, simple and lightweight; it’s what you’ll find from this Everest bag. It’s big on quality with a solid construction and strong magnetic snaps. To match the 100% polyester fabric in charcoal gives it a rugged, masculine appearance.

With two outer pockets and one interior zip with two slip pockets, it will fit just about anything securely. It’s large enough to accommodate laptops up to 14″ in size making it perfect if you carry around a 13″ Macbook or iPad. Now you can technically fit a 15″ laptop inside but it’s going to be quite a squeeze on the canvas.

Frye Logan Messenger Bag For MenWhat makes this messenger bag so appealing aside from it’s simplistic design is the price.

2. Frye Logan Messenger Bag

Spacious and stylish, the Logan messenger bag by Frye features beautiful leather work and ample room to keep everything organized. It comes in your preference of two finishes, Dark brown (Antique Dark Brown) and light brown (Antique Cognac), both of which are exceptional choices.

The outer leather is soft and has a worn-in, distressed appearance to it. Overall, it’s a more vintage look, but indeed still fitting for the professional businessman. The leather strap is long enough to sling over your shoulder with ease, and adjusts from 9 inches to an impressive 21 inches. Plus you can also hang the Frye Logan messenger bag cross-body style too.

As far as the interior of this bag goes, you may be surprised to know it looks a lot smaller than it really is. In person it will easily store legal size folders and laptops in the range of 13.3 inches and slightly larger. There’s also two inside pockets for tucking away things like business cards, pens and anything else you might need on-the-go. In the middle you’ll find one more pocket; only this one includes a zipper to secure your items in place.

Herschel Supply Co Mill Navy Men's Messenger BagsThe only real downside you’ll find is the missing exterior pocket. It’s there of course, but it remains hidden under the top button down flap. Don’t think of it as a dealer breaker though, because this bag definitely delivers in terms of everything else.

3. Herschel Supply Co Mill

A more rugged approach to the messenger bag. Meet the Mill by Herschel Supply Co. It starts with polyester and nylon for tough, long-lasting durability. But rest assured, your cargo will be safe thanks to thick inner padding which provides ample cushioning and shock protection.

Should you happen to be someone who wants to travel around with their laptop, then you’ve found the right bag. Herschel Supply Co played close attention to this aspect of the design and built a dedicated sleeve just for laptops. This sleeve comfortably houses laptops within 15″ of size like the larger Macbook Pro.

On the inside of this messenger bag you’ll find two mesh organizes and a larger enclosed pocket. All of which can be closed with a zipper. On the outside there’s even more room for storing your things with front and rear zippered pockets. These hold way more than you’d originally expect them to.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Bag Good Men's Messenger BagThe overall style is bold, but still very nice to look at. It’s small touches like the full grain leather zipper pulls and the top handle that make this bag stand out. You’ll be hard pressed to find something else that’s this strong and of comfortable to wear around, but it does have a few limitations.

Although things like the padded shoulder straps are wonderful additions, you might not like the thin nature of the pockets. Shifting around your headphones, sunglasses, and pens can be at times the only way to get everything to fit snug.

4. Kenneth Cole Reaction Good Bag

A good men’s messenger bag indeed. The Good bag comes in three colors, each made with full grain cowhide leather: Brown, Black and Tan. But no matter what you go with, just know it’s perhaps one of the best bags for iPads. Consider it a media bag if you will, perfect for CDs, keys, ID badges, and envelopes among countless other things.

The two most noticeable things about this bag other than it’s charming fine leather is the magnetic front flap and permanent shoulder strap. The front flaps magnet is exceptionally strong and keeps everything exactly where it needs to be: inside.

The shoulder strap is padded and adjustable but consider the fact that it is permanent and can’t be removed. A nice touch would have been to add a handle to the top of the Good bag, but for what it’s worth, I can’t honestly complain.

5. Kenneth Cole Risky Business

A messenger bag built just for the businessman. Go ahead, carry it to the classroom or boardroom. The dark brown leather is sure to suit virtually any style. It’s ample interior room will store everything from files, notepads, and laptops, making it perfect meeting to meeting.

Now, I have to say Kenneth Cole really hit it out of the bark park when it comes down to the quality and craftsmanship of this bag. The rich leather is thick and feels sturdy, yet it is still super soft, almost like butter to the touch.

It has compartments nearly everywhere you look: 3 business or credit card slots, 2 pen holders, and even a cell phone holder on the left pocket. And that’s just for starters, there’s also a nice back pocket for slipping in things like magazines, folders and any other paperwork.

Keep in mind it is a smaller sized bag, best suited for men who carry around laptops in the 10″ range. The storage room narrower than most, but if you prefer a lighter, slimmer bag and you like exceptional leather work and stitching to match, then you’ve found the right one.

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