Leather Wallet iPhone 5c Case

February 3, 2017
Best Apple iPhone 5c covers

Note: There’s a newer version of the Leather Wallet Case for the iPhone 6. Read the review.

If you don’t like carrying a lot in your pockets, the Mujjo Leather Wallet Case is for you—it’s designed to carry your iPhone along with a couple of bare essentials like your bank card, ID and cash. It’s slim, functional and beautiful.

As you first handle the Leather Wallet Case, you’ll immediate feel the quality of the leather—it’s far superior to the leather Apple uses for their cases (which, in my opinion, are garbage).

The Leather Wallet Case is slim and light—it won’t add much bulk to your iPhone. Its thickness and feel make it very comfortable to carry and hold in your hand. The leather adds a natural grip, which is a plus considering the iPhone is a slippery phone.

The inside of the case is lined in a softer leather, designed to protect your phone from scuffs and scratches when the case is on your phone.

When the case is on, it snugs the phone in place by the corners—It’s relatively easy to put on and take off. It has a small lip, which provides a bit of separation to prevent your screen from touching the surface when face down.

I wish the corners snugged the phone a bit tighter and the case provided a slightly larger lip to give a bit more separation. The Leather Wallet Case does provide a bit of drop protection (I’ve dropped it a couple of times at waist height, and my phone did well), but if it were to fall face down, I’d fear that the case may pop off and/or the screen would hit the surface, but this is only speculation—I’ve yet to experience this.

It has large cutouts on the sides where buttons, the charging port, and speakers are located. The top cutout could possibly have been made smaller to cover more of the surface, but that’s not a make-or-break consideration (it may detract from the case’s design).

The camera cutout in the back does not obstruct the camera, so you’re free to take pictures of your love ones or food. The cutout itself has a bit of roughness to it, which didn’t bother me too much.

I can’t help but notice and mention the beautiful and well-done stitching around the pocket (let alone all Mujjo products that I’ve come across), but it’s a great indicator of quality and longetivity.

Source: jonsuh.com
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