Leather Hard Briefcase

March 10, 2017
Leather Hard Briefcase

Just received my Hard Briefcase in Tobacco. As a disclosure, I have been a SBL customer for over 5 years now after stumbling upon them while looking for a laptop bag. I own many pieces [classic briefcase (1st major purchase after a test buy with the bifold wallet), suitcases, carry on, beast, waterbag, satchel, small and large notepad, tow belts among several other smaller items. All in Tobacco color].

Besides the timeless look of this item, I purchased this in order to have a sleek item to bring when I travel that complements my hard carry on. I thought about the front pocket thin briefcase but I prefer the look of the wrap-around straps on the classic and now hard briefcase. I find the large classic briefcase is a bit bulky to shove under the seat of a plane. When traveling solo, I try to travel with carry on items only.

My first impression of the hard briefcase was that it was heavier than expected. But this is a quality you become accustomed too with SBL products. I am tall at 6'4" and the briefcase seems to be the perfect size/scale. Will hold any size laptop. Does hold my SBL large notepad as well (adding to the weight). Exterior looks great and matches the appearance of the luggage perfectly. Doing and undoing the three buckles can be a bit time consuming when in a hurry, such as at airport security but the workaround of not doing up the two belts and just tucking the the end works great. Shoulder strap is the same as those on the classic briefcase, water bag and hard carry on and is perfect. The interior is well thought out with two file folder type accordion slots for papers/files/etc. There is a pen pocket and a spot for business cards. The two larger pockets with closure is great for smaller items (phone charger, small book, pens, etc.). Main compartment will hold what you would normally carry in a briefcase.

In summary, great design and execution that customers of SBL have come to expect. I don't care about the price as much as I am willing to pay more for quality and customer service. If SBL keeps making quality items, I will continue being a customer.

Source: www.saddlebackleather.com
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