Leather Handbags made in the USA

January 17, 2022
Accessories Made In America:

From the peaceful flower child to the Summer of Love music festivals, the fall colors evoke a sense of playfulness and prosperity to the new denim craze and flower crowns of the times. Brynn channeled her free spirit and 60's bohemian fashion sense into this collection.

This collection was inspired by the sights, sounds and creatures of an African Safari. From the hot Sahara Desert to the exotic Toucans and the sophisticated Black Panthers, the colors evoke a sense of the wild found only in their natural habitat in the deserts and along the Congo River.

Although Brynn is a SoCal native, she channeled her inspiration for this collection from the other coast, from preppy styles to the essential colors that scream mischeif with an undeniable quaintness, a perfect playground for a vacation getaway of stand out colors and nautical neutrals.

This collection is a mix of past collections and consists mostly of all our timeless and classic leather handbags in a variety of styles and colors. All bags are typically designed with antique brass hardware for a rustic appeal, contrasting zippers and stitching which give the handbags dimension and a unique style.

Source: www.brynncapella.com
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