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September 9, 2016
And leather messenger bag

I was just thinking of one of our most popular items here at United Streets of Art, the, and felt compelled to write an open letter to this, the most functional stuff-schlepping bag around.

The Messenger Bag: The Urban Workhorse

What an amazing invention! (Who invented them—the Postal Service? The Army?) What did people do with their laptops before messenger bags? Or was it always a match made in heaven? When you walk around the city, you can easily get the impression that this bag is the accessory of the masses: student, professional, artist, or “other, ” all with a bugling bagful of success.


I’ve had to decommission two backpacks over a five-year period due to strap failure, but the sturdy canvas messenger bag I’ve had for 10+ years keeps on truckin’. It’s just a design that works—and keeps working.


Have you ever had to put so much in your messenger bag that some things didn’t fit, and had to choose between, say, your for-school books and your for-fun books? Me neither, because it’s a messenger bag—it can fit almost anything. Just take them all!

Just Plain Good-Looking

Remember when you were in middle school and your mom bought you that same backpack that everyone had, and everyone had to use white-out to draw band names like Dead Kennedys and Danzig on it, just to feel that it was presentable? Well first of all, thank God you aren’t in middle school anymore, but even so, a canvas messenger bag is sleek, urban and presentable, as is. But combine that with the unique urban printing available only through United Streets of Art, and it’s safe to say you’ll be comfortable enough to leave the white-out at home.

The Messenger Bag possesses a style so plain, so successfully functional, that it doesn’t need improving. We at United Streets of Art are proud to continue the tradition of this functional, hip, laptop-carrying, textbook-lugging masterpiece of bagdom. So thank you, messenger bag, for all you do, and may we all live up to the standard of productivity set for us.

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